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The Herriard Bio Power AD Facility is located in Herriard - a village located near Basingstoke in Hampshire, United Kingdom and was commissioned in December 2013

RKE BioGroup completed the aquisition of the Herriard Bio Power from Barfoot Farms in April 2020. The purchase represents the first investment into the UK AD market for the RKE Group whose personal who have extensive experience in the biogas industry worldwide covering financing, aquisition, project development, execution and plant operations. The Saraya Group is a major shareholder and investor within RKE. Founded in 1954, Saraya were one of the first in the market to supply sustainable hygiene products. Since the beginning of the new century they have developed into a global convern in the development, production and sale of health, food & hygiene products. Saraya has ecology and sustainability high on the agenda and has therefore decided to invest in our Biogas investments.

The agriculutral crop supply, comprising of maize and hybrid rye, is supplied by the local farming estate. The low carbon, biofertilizer produced by the plant is then supplied back down the farms via a pipeline which runs several miles through the local fields. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint for agriculture and helps improve soil fertility. The Herriard Bip Power Bio-fertiliser is certified as a Quality Digestate under the PAS110 specification.

The feedstock (food-waste and crops), is fed into two digester tanks which produce biogas which is then converted into heat and electricity from a CHP engine. The installed capacity is 1.2 MW of electrical power. The plant exports approximately 10,000,000 kWh of green electricity per annum.

The AD technology used is a wet mesophilic system developed by MT Energie. The plant is operated by a team of six people consisting of various nationalities from around the world.

The plant generates revenues from exported electricity sales and long-term government subsidy schemes such as the ‘feed in tariff’ (FIT) and ‘RHI’ for heat produced and used by the plant.

Plans are in development to enhance the plant as part of the exciting ‘Phase 2’ project which will upgrade the biogas to ‘Green Gas’ Biomethan for injection into the gas network.

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