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The agricultural benefits of Digestate produced from the AD process are now widely recognised.

Our AD facility produces around 20,000 tonnes of environmentally friendly, premium quality, nutrient–rich organic fertiliser each year. Our digestate bio-fertiliser is rich in Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P) and Potassium (K). The digestate is pumped straight from the AD plant, via a pasteurisation process and into our on-site lagoon and then onto surrounding farmland, via underground piping network. The use of carbon-intensive synthetic fertiliser is greatly reduced through this process.

We work with our farming partners to supply our bio-fertilisers at the times their crops and land are most in need of nutrients. Our rich products help farmers improve the quality of their soils whist reducing their reliance on petrochemical fertilisers which are costly to both the farm and the environment. Ultimately maximising the volume of crops they are able to grow. Various independent studies and field experiments have proven the agricultural benefits of Digestate. The results have provided Farmers with a robust evidence base and thus confidence in the use of Digestate as an organic alternative to petrochemical fertilisers.

In a study undertaken by WRAP (you can find the report here), they state that: “Anaerobic digestate is a biofertiliser, providing crops with readily available nitrogen. It is an excellent alternative to bagged fertilisers. Using it improves the sustainability of farming by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases associated with fertiliser manufacture, and by reconnecting nutrient cycles.” PAS110 is the industry recognised standard and quality protocol proves that the materials we produce are consistently high quality and meet all legal/moral criteria required to treat this as a new “product” rather than a “waste”. Digestate from AD plants is now widely used and Herriard Bio Power’s PAS110 certified product is highly regarded within the agricultural community.

For more information on the availability of our
PAS110 certififed biofertilizer please contact our team on
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