About Us

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RKE Bio Group Ltd is a European green energy infrastructure company dedicated to improving energy and waste efficiency.

RKE has been established by experienced partners from the bioenergy industry with the purpose of developing and operating waste to energy bio-methane projects in Europe. How much does a myprotein – bodybuilding-natural measuring spoon weigh altamofen scouts prepare 60 years of bodybuilding – portal about fitness and sports lifestyle. Our goal is to help produce clean energy from waste products whilst simultaneously providing companies with a low-cost ethical solution to disposing of organic waste. The waste will be used to create a biofuel that will be transformed to biomethane gas in our anaerobic digesters and fed into the national grid.

Our experience

RKE directors and shareholders have a long history in waste management, processing and power generation. Working with global partners our team have developed and managed over 50 biogas plants operating on a variety of waste feedstocks. This front and back end experience is invaluable in ensuring we provide reliable long-term benefits to our customers.

What we do

RKE BioGroup are developing a number of anaerobic digestion projects in the UK.

Biogas plant developers – We build, own and operate our own biogas plants to produce clean energy from waste.

Organic waste disposal – We provide end-to-end services for the disposal and processing of organic waste.

Biogas plant operators – We can assist in the operating biogas plants to maximise efficiency and profitability

RKE aims to Build a portfolio of AD assets in the UK and build plants fed by a combination of municipal, food and agricultural residual waste. Using experienced technology providers that have built over 650 operational biogas plants. Our management team have experience of building over 50 AD plants worldwide.

RKE’s key investors include

SARAYA – with a commitment to environmentally conscious products and corporate culture, Saraya has roots extending back over 60 years. They provide businesses and domestic consumers with products developed with ecology and sustainability in mind. The company mission is to improve the sanitation, environment and health of the world. Products for preventing infections and maintaining cleanliness are developed and produced for the following Market Segments; – Healthcare & hygiene – Food Sanitation – Public Health and Hygiene – Sustainable Home Care The United Nations set new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 as an extension of 2000’s Millennium Development Goals. SARAYA aligns its own goals with the UN’s SDGs.

More Info on Saraya

KSN – is a daughter company within the SARAYA Group. As one of the key-partners of RKE Renewables, they specialise in engineering and operating food waste processing solutions. Their engineering know-how and equipment will be used in the waste treatment element of our UK projects.

Herriard Bio Power processes up to 26,600 Tonnes per annum of both agricultural and organic food waste which is used to create biogas which is then converted into green heat & electricity for export to the national grid. The food-waste input helps to divert 20,000 tonnes from land-fill each year.